A storage path for your recording.

I think it needs to say why I limit the storage path to default storage.

Most of you may find that miidio Recorder supports full path on storage path in this version, 2.3.3. With it, you may change the recording storage from your internal storage to external storage, and even to other USB devices. That depends on your devices.

At first, I don’t want to support full path for the security reason. You may change the path to any place which may not be acceptable or invalid. This can be prevented, I know it. But I have to face different variety of android devices. Not all of them can be checked. So, I just lock the storage path to the default storage.

But, with the more and more requesting email, I may be wrong to do this decision. I had opened the storage path to full path which means you can change the path to whatever you want. But basically, you can only change to the path where miidio Recorder can write, such as internal storage, external storage, USB devices, data folder of miidio Recorder (if you know where it is). But, if you run miidio Recorder in superuser mode (not all of devices can do it), you can save your recording to any place.

I think that is up to you. I should not limit the ability of miidio Recorder. I hope some of your may blog the way to save recording to other places about your device and help your friends to do so.


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