The Change of Facebook Sharing

Facebook sharing of miidio Space is a popular functionality. We built it for the recording sharing platform. The main purpose of miidio Space is to share your recording to Facebook with single click. You use miidio Recorder to upload recordings to miidio Space and share the link to your Facebook.

At first, we use metadata to tell Facebook that each page in miidio Space is a music song page with Open Graph type: ( It showed correct cover, title, and artist before. But it doesn’t show the same thing recently. So, we have to change the Open Graph type from to website(which is a standard URL sharing mode).

You may find the following image which is typed in

螢幕快照 2013-02-17 下午9.43.41


The word “不明的”(unknown in English) is came from the missing information of artist and album.This two words should be “Hsun-Cheng Hu” and “miidio Recorder”. Please note that this URL has a cover image, (as following image), and Facebook doesn’t shows it in PC version but shows correct in mobile version.

To have both correctly showed up, we change the Open Graph type from to website. After the type changed, you may find the shared information likes:

螢幕快照 2013-02-17 下午9.43.31


It shows correctly with normal URL sharing box, especially the cover showed up.

The type changing doesn’t affect the shared recordings. It only affects the one  which is not shared to Facebook. So, if you had uploaded recording to miidio Space but not shares to Facebook. It will be the type of “website” after you share the URL to Facebook in the near future.

In the doc of Facebook open graph music, it says this type only available to whitelist partners of Facebook. And we knew that before and though we just typed with, supplying a plenty of metadata (including and website) and let Facebook showed sharing as a normal website if we are not in the whitelist partners. After the changing of Facebook, it doesn’t show up the cover. So, that is the main reason to change it.

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