Statistics of Your Shared Audio

It is nice to know what’s going on after sharing an audio. We also want help you to know it. The statistic service is made by Piwik, which is an open source project. We had integrated Piwik into miidio Space.

piwik and space

Piwik is an extra-ordinary project on web usage analytics, like Google Analytics. You may use it to know the activities of your shared audio. It provides page informations, geo-location, user viewing time, activity period, etc. It is very useful for knowing what’s popular, if you shares audio to others you don’t know. It is also useful to know when your friends listen your audio.

Piwik exposes a flexible and extensive plugin system. We implements our owened plugin for Facebook login, and miidio Space. All of users in miidio Space can login Piwik with your Facebook accound. After logged in, you can have your owened Piwik instance, and all statistic are only expose to you.

Our Piwik server is under It is suggested to login through the link under miidio Space because of the integration of authentication.

Currently, we open this feature under BETA version. And we know it performs not fast, but we will continuously improve it.

BTW, to support Piwik project, we will clean our plugin for open it under an open source license, maybe GPL the same with Piwik.

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