Native Implementation of Noise Meter

“Native Implementation” is the main update of miidio Noise Meter 1.2.

We know it is hard to understand “Native Implementation” term if you are not a programmer. So, we just make a simple post to explain what it is.

In the previous version of miidio Noise Meter, we use default android programming language, Java, to implement sound pressure level algorithm. It runs at a virtual machine on a real machine. So, it’s slow. And that means your cell-phone may consume more power to run it. You may feel it sucks. Yes, indeed. Most of android app are running in that mode. With the performance tuning from Google , you may not feel slow if it, but in native, it has the potential to run faster and more green.

We consider this issue as an important issue. So, we rewrite algorithm to have more performance and save more power of your phone. In version 1.2, you may have a different implementation of sound pressure level which is faster and saving about 20% of CPU time. It is a big improvement.

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