more MP3 features

Recorder bug is the most troublesome problem we met. After this bug, we start to add more features around this new implementation.


In this version 2.1.0, we introduces the following two features which are asked by many users:

Some may ask why not to 320Kbps. We thought it should be sufficient for a recorder in theĀ smart phone. Because of the hardware limitation, it may be useless to have really high quality settings. It is enough with these settings for most cases.

We may be wrong on this topic. If you really need more, please feel free to tell us why and we will add other settings up to 320Kbps.

more settings


This feature is asked by many users of miidio Recorder. We know it is important. So, it’s in the first improvement after recorder bug. It is not hard for us to introduce this feature because of the support of LAME. Thanks this great project for bringing us convenient recording experience.

Be aware of this feature, if you volume up your recording, you may also volume up the NOISE. This may depend on the microphone you use, the built-in one, or external one(headset). And this is also one of the reasons that we didn’t put this feature at early version.

settings of miidio Recorder



Besides features, we had added “Spanish” translation in this version. We need to thankĀ Jesus Hernandez for this translation.


Finally, we know there are a plenty of features miidio Recorder lacks. We will do our best to add them.

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