Long and Long and Long … Recording

Thanks all of you for reporting error logs. With these error logs, we finally found what we did wrong.


miidio Recorder says it has the capability to record until out of storage. It is true and false.

The truth is that miidio Recorder never limits the length of recording.

The false is about bugs and hardware limitation.


At previous versions, miidio Recorder never uses the token to tell android not to kill itself. At first, we thought the process won’t be killed if the app was still active, even if it is running at background. In some smart phones, like HTC, the OS implementations are eager to kill app for more memories. It is true even if users never ask for it.


The hardware limitation is the filesystem of your SD card. The filesystem of common SD cards is “FAT32”. The maximum file size of FAT32 is 4GB. But to prevent this condition, miidio Recorder limits the maximum file size to 3GB. We had done some tests that a hour recording consumes 50MB under normal conditions. So, the maximum length of a single recording with 3GB is about 60 hours.


In new version 2.0.3, we had rewrote partial of recorder to claim it is active and should not be killed. And most important is it won’t be killed.

The following screenshot is from a HTC sensation smart phone with miidio Recorder version 2.0.3:

In this picture, we had record 2 hours 6 minutes and 52.2 seconds with about 118MB.


Finally, thanks for all of you using miidio Recorder and make miidio Recorder better.


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