miidio Recorder: How to Edit Recording Information?

Recording Information is a new feature introduced from ver. 1.6. It is a cool feature that I loved.

Before editing information, you need to record a recording. With a recording you can tap the 3 dots button at right-top corner to have the file operation dialog:

At the top of file operation dialog, it is the recording information panel. It will be edited through this post:

The edit button is at the bottom of list. So, just scroll up and find the “Edit Info” menu item:

Tapping “Edit Info” brings the editing dialog. In this dialog, we have 3 parts for editing: 1. audio photo, 2. file name or title, 3. tags about this audio:

It is worth to know that miidio Recorder may suggest phrases from Wikipedia for you while you typed more than 2 characters. If the phrase is suggested from Wikipedia, it is leading with “W” icon, like: . If we have a bird’s recording, we may use a bird as audio photo, like:

After typing all informations, tapping ok closes this dialog and saves all information you just typed.

Once again, if we open “file operation” dialog, we will find the new recording information:

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