What’s New in Ver. 1.8

There is nothing special new in ver. 1.8.

Before ver. 1.8, the program is tested by a standard procedure and done by myself. That’s called regression test. But, according to the error log of android publisher console, it contains some bugs that don’t show up in my devices. So, I have to use simulation code to find it out.

Finally, I had created a unit test project for miidio Recorder project in ver. 1.8. So, lots of mock-up objects had been created for testing odd problems. I know unit test is important for a stable project. But it needs few works to kick off, including mock-up objects, slow testing speed, etc.

Beside the test cases, the ID3 is supported in ver. 1.8. The supported fields are: title(linked with file name), author(configured through setting page), album(configured through setting page) , comments(configured through setting page, and linked with tags), and cover picture(linked with audio photo).

Please note the most of audio players don’t fully support ID3 format or reloaded. So, the information or picture may not showed up correctly, especially for default music player. You may transfer the file to your PC to find all of them.

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