Version 1.6.1

Version 1.6.1 is a patched version for users who can’t record with version 1.6.

The main reason of recording broken is the bug in auto-probing procedure. I had finished a auto-probing procedure before. To know if the mic or audio track is occupied by other apps, I had change the auto-probing procedure to test it. In testing, if there is other apps using mic, it will remove all audio settings. So that, this app should say your phone doesn’t support audio recording right now.

Because version1.6 changes lots, I had tested lots of phones available by me, like: HTC Tattoo, HTC Widefire, HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, etc.

None of them got problem. So, I decide to do the update. That’s why this version is late for 5 days.

Another reason is that there is something wrong in “Live Recording”. The hardware controlling of microphone is different in different phones. Some phones route the audio to speaker instead of earpiece. That may cause “Audio Echoing”. The first version of “Live Recording” is work perfect in Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 that’s also my cell-phone. It routes audio to earpiece while plugged in. It also routes audio to a headset with microphone. The audio recording is also works through either microphone of phone or microphone of headset. But yesterday, I received an email that she told me Living Recording is not working, no audio out and no audio recorded by this app. I had re-examed all codes and googled for a while. I found that some phone may turn off the built-in mic while a earpiece plugged in no matter if it has microphone or not. In this situation, android should use built-in microphone to record audio, but it doesn’t.

It is a hard decision to turn off “Live Recording”. I really love this function and turn it on always, because I develop this app in a quiet environment.

By the way, I also tested “Live Recording” in HTC Tattoo with CM7 installed. It has the problem that it routes audio to speaker instead of earpiece.

Currently, I do have some candidates for fix this bug, but the outcame may differ in different phones. Some phones is fixed by candidate A, but others is by candidate B. That’s also why I decide to turn off it right now.

I will place “Live Recording” back in the next version, but it will moved to “experimental zone”, which will be added to perference page, util I find a solution to fix it in all phones.

The version 1.6.1 updates two things: 1. turns off the detection procedure, so that you can record audio while the device is available. 2. remove live recording.

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