September 3, 2012

miidio Recorder

by recorder
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miidio Recorder is an app on android (we are going to develop iOS version). The main though of miidio Recorder is to provide a high quality audio recorder for all mobile device. miidio Recorder supports an unlimited MP3 or WAV recording and the quality of audio is better than others.

The origins of miidio Recorder is that I have a boy a year ago. In that moment, I want to use every tool to record everything about him. The camera is good. The video recorder is also good. But it is hard to find a audio recorder with good usability at that moment. The requirement of audio recorder at that moment is that:

  • One touch to record, and one touch to play
  • Unlimited MP3 recording supported.
  • High quality of recording that a WAVE file is allowed.
  • Custom tags supported.

After a year, I start up to write an audio recorder by my own. This is miidio Recorder.

I had a MP3 recorder stick before. But android devices and iOS devices all have the great computing power to record audio into any file format, currently. So, why not to record MP3 in my phone?

It is indeed that there are some apps providing MP3 recording for mobile phone. Most of them have the limitation of recording length of MP3 format. It is strange that most of them are built form open source projects, ie, lame for mp3 recording, and many of them are not claimed that they are using open source projects, like the famous HiQ Recorder. Even more, some of them are selling on the app store or market.

As a developer using open source libraries, I will never do such things.

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