Live Recording

Live Recording provides you the real time audio feedback from recorder to your headset. The concept of Live Recording can be found at the following figure:

While the audio waveform is recorded by miidio Recorder, miidio Recorder redirects the same audio to user’s headset. Through headset, users can know what they record and how’s the quality.


To Have Live Recording

It is only visible while you press the new audio button while your headset is plugged in, like the following figure. To enable it is press the icon of headset and have the icon turned to . And you can do your recording job now.


It is important to know, that once the recording is started, you can’t change the state of live recording. If you want to turn it off, just stop the recording, toggle headset icon, and create new recording again.

Give it a try and you will find much fun with recording.

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